Further mathematics textbook for senior secondary school pdf

I have gathered together a comprehensive list of recommended textbooks for Junior and Senior secondary schools. It covers almost all the subjects in secondary school.

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It is important to know before hand the kind of textbooks you will use in each class. You can buy textbooks in your local bookshops or in the market.

There are many other bookshops that sell cheap textbooks and used textbooks. Used textbooks are always affordable but make sure you are buying the latest edition if you consider buying a used textbook. You can search through the internet and see if any of the textbooks you are interested in are free to downloaded online.

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Make sure you are getting your free textbooks online from a legal website and the website has the right to offer the textbook free for download. Another good way to buy a cheap textbook is to ask students in your school who are currently done with the subject and are moving to the next upper class if any of them will be interested to offer their textbook for sale. The passport of mallam ilia Things fall apartThis is our chance.

Please you have to first confirm from your school to see if they are using a different textbook before you consider buying any of the textbooks. I am not in any way responsible for any damage or lost you might incur if you purchase any of the textbooks without first consulting with your school or teacher about it.

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Further Mathematics

Grace Olatunji. Bouqui Xter. Sunday Godwin. I understand that the federal gov have make computer science as a compulsory subject and I can not see any text book for dat here why.

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Simon Ojo. Christiana Balogun.Enter your email and password to access your account. By registering you are agreeing to our Terms and Policies. A math enthusiast would always love the extra challenge that Further Mathematics gives. But Further Mathematics is not just a challenge. It is a key foundation for those that desire a career in science and engineering. For Mathematics to be useful in real-life, mathematical models must be developed and simulations must be carried out.

The basic tools for these are obtained in Further Mathematics. For instance, one must possess a good understanding of calculus to develop a biological growth rate model for bacteria or a rate of reaction model for a chemical reaction. These are the kind of abilities and possibilities that Further Mathematics offers.

While General Mathematics is useful in computing simpler processes or operations like balancing a cash book, Further Mathematics explores the more complex operations of engineering and the sciences and confines them in a mathematical environment so that they can be easily understood, explored and utilized for human benefit.

Being an engineering graduate, I have had five years of learning Further Mathematics beyond the secondary school level. I taught Further Mathematics during my service to SS 2 students in after school classes.

Some of them went on to enroll for WAEC. But overall they all exhibited great signs of improvement. Teaching Further Mathematics requires a patient, intellectual approach. Most times students cannot grasp the concepts of Further Mathematics well enough especially when they are only taught how to solve the common questions under each topic. The teacher must take time to explain the concepts of every topic and even show how they relate to other topics if possible.

School Level Textbooks

This is not the easiest approach but it is the best approach and it is my approach with every student I teach. There are other methods that can be applied to obtain similar results but will affect the student on the long run.

For every class, I expect the students to come with their writing materials and textbooks. A scheme of work from their school and past question booklets for any exam they are preparing for would also be very helpful.

further mathematics textbook for senior secondary school pdf

Levels taught: Nursery, Primary, Jss and Sss. Coming Soon Be the first to know when Tuteria gets to your country. Log in. Remember me Forgot password? If you have a referral code, enter it here. If not, then leave it blank.

Join in. New member? Sign up!To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Amir Mansur. Intact classes were used and in all, 96 students participated in the study 42 in the experimental group taught with the PBL and 54 in the control group taught using the Traditional Method TM. One research instrument manipulated at two levels namely: Teacher-Made Test TMT and Researcher-Designed Test RDTwas developed and used for the study and data collected were analysed using the descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation which served as precursor to testing the two hypotheses for the study using an independent samples t-test.

Results showed that there were statistically significant differences in the mean post-test achievement scores on TMT and mean post-test achievement scores on RDT between students exposed to the PBL and those exposed to the TM, all in favour of the PBL group.

Key words: Problem-based learning, Further Mathematics, Achievements 1. Introduction Much of the failure in school mathematics is associated with a tradition of teaching that is inappropriate to the way most students learn National Research Council [NRC], Traditional methods of teaching mathematics have been found to be very defective and full of many inadequacies that do not allow students to actively construct their own mathematical knowledge Dubinsky, ; Mji, It has adversely affected effective learning at the different levels of education.

further mathematics project 1 textbook pdf download

Education is facing many challenges in terms of student performance particularly in the physical sciences DoE, and this is as result of the introduction of new topics into the curriculum which the teachers perceive as difficult to teach DoE, In Lesotho, at the Junior Certificate J. In Namibia, the low performance of students raises national concern amongst curriculum developers, policy makers and even politicians each year. In the Primary and Secondary schools in the northern regions of Namibia, teacher shortages persisted especially in Mathematics, Science and English which made Received 3 July In South Africa, when apartheid ended, Mathematics was not offered and taken by learners in all schools.

It was taught as an abstract, meaningless subject, only to be memorised Khuzwayo, In Nigeria, Thus, Theoretical Background The observed annual poor performance of students in mathematics at these external examinations necessitates the concern of everyone who works in the mathematical sciences to find lasting solutions to this dilemma.

The recognition of the need for reform in mathematics curriculum and instruction is broad and deep, ranging from professional organizations to government agencies.Note: The person isn't really good maths so we need a really txtbook that explains well with enough examples. New general maths Basic mathematics. If I have more,i will post. Optionally : I need to know a maths txtbook i cab buy for an Ss3 student that one can easily understand and has a lot of examples in it and also covers all ss3 maths topics.

Lalasticlala Mynd44 seun please kindly to FP as i need opinions. Buy hidden facts in mathematics ,without going to school you will score not less than b3 in maths We also have hidden facts in further mathematics We have k. A Stroud with dexter an engineering mathematics.

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It has all this basic further maths and maths. Then check new school mathematics I don't have the picture of the hidden facts,but it has an orange cover though. It can be very effective when you are maths olodo. Even Stroud and the new school. Hidden facts in mathematics and new school mathematics. Check out hidden facts in mathematics is your best bet with new school mathematics.

further mathematics textbook for senior secondary school pdf

Check it out yourself and you will confirm it yourself. Please does the new school mathematics have all ss3 topics and a lot of examples aslo is it better than new general mathematicsand master mathematics and are you selling it xsem. EbukaHades10 : New general maths Basic mathematics.

Optionally : what of new school mathematics Yeah,that too. EbukaHades10 : Yeah,that too Do you think its better than new general mathematics.

Optionally : Please does the new school mathematics have all ss3 topics and a lot of examples aslo is it better than new general mathematicsand master mathematics and are you selling it xsem Mynd44 lalasticlala seun The new school contains every every.

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It's voluminous, encompassing and yet easy to assimilate. I am not selling them oo. I don't know about master mathematics but I must assure you that new school and hidden facts are far better than new general maths in explanations. But the only good thing about the new general is that it has a lot f exercises but what's the use of exercises when you can't solve them?

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New General Mathematics. In case you are not good in math and you're looking for a way out. Xsem : The new school contains every every. Tanks Dear new school it is. Engineering mathematics is so easy to read and understand The comprehensive mathematics. Any day any time It teaches you the procedures to basic mathematics and Further MathematicsTo browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Solomon Essien. When you buy these ingredients in a shop, you probably do not buy them one at a time.

It is easier and cheaper to buy them in a set. We have a set of living room furniture: what does it contain? We speak of cutlery set, a math set, the set of students under 14 in your class and so on. Can you think of anymore? A set is a collection or list of objects, quantities or numbers with specified properties.

The objects that make up a set are called members or elements of the set. Can you name the other elements of the set Q? The following are some few definitions that will enable us to define the elements of sets in problems. An odd number is a number which when divided by two 2 leaves a remainder of one 1.

An even number is a number which leaves no remainder when it is divided by two 2. Example: … —6, —4, —2, 0, 2, 4, 6 … 3. An integer x is said to be a factor of another integer y if x can divide y without leaving any remainder. A prime number is any positive number that is exactly divisible only by itself and one. Example: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, etc. The prime factors of a number n refer to the factors of n that are prime numbers.

Multiple of a number x refers to any number formed when x is multiplied by any integer. Example: Multiples of 3 are 3, 6, 9, 12, 16, etc.By using past exam papers as part of your preparation, you can find out what you already know. What is more, the WAEC past questions for Further Mathematics can also be used as an organisational tool to manage your time better, as you can plan according to each section of the paper.

As a matter of fact, revision is more better than memorising facts and going over notes. This will give you a better chance of passing. Do you have any other past question s other than the ones listed here? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Registration in progress. Call NOW!

further mathematics textbook for senior secondary school pdf

Tagged With: www. About The Author. Olusegun Fapohunda is the founder and editor of MySchoolGist. He loves to share education news from various sources to keep readers informed. Learn more about him here and connect with him on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Please i need furthermaths past questions to Reply to Best. Reply to favour. Yahaya Moses Jan 20, I need further maths to date please.

Reply to Yahaya. Reply to pelumi. Favour Nov 4, Waec futhermaths ,theory number 3. Reply to Favour. Precious Dec 5, Reply to Precious. Alhaji Dec 11, Reply to Alhaji. Emmanuel amoah Aug 10, Reply to Emmanuel. Comment Text further mathematics from to Our School Textbook Collection supports teacher candidates' on school placements.

Use this guide to locate copies of school textbooks for your teaching areas. The guide also provides supporting Curriculum Links specific to the year level and subject, to support lesson planning.

School Level Textbooks A guide to the Victorian school level textbooks and student workbooks held in the Giblin Eunson textbook collection. Kat Frame.

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