Amf pool table home

Order by:. Available to:. Gray Felt, Drop in Pockets. This listing is for a 9 feet AMF Playmaster pool table with all accessories. The table shows minor signs of use and the felt is in great condition. No shipping. Pick up only. Replacement tips and conditioners. Stainless steel and brown, 3 bulbs If you have any question feel free to contact me on eBay. All offers will be considered. AMF Playmaster 8ft Pool table. Looks Great, very little play time.

Blue Felt. Great conditions. Did not get very much play time.

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Local pick up only. Balls, play racks, wall storage rack and chalk holder Table is in good used condition For more information call Please leave message if we are unable to answer your call Local pickup only located in Albertville. Al No shipping is available Buyer is responsible for moving Table has already been removed from our house and is sitting on a trailer in the garage We appreciate you looking I will consider any reasonable offers We also have listed in local paper We reserve the right to cancel this listing if it sells prior to any bids Powered by The free listing tool.

List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Felt is burgundy red color. Claw Feet and leather pockets. Buyer will need to disassemble to move pool table. AMF PlayMaster 8ft. Used very little for about 1year,has been covered and unused since,shows very little wear on the felt,no damage,all accessories are in nice condition,please refer to photos for accurate condition,please contact me with any questions,buyer is responsible for moving,i will help as much as possible,local PlayMaster Pool Table.

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Rarely used 8 ft. Burgundy felt and leather pockets with fringe, very nice! And complete with everything you need: Dust cover Six cue sticks 4 regular sized. One diamond shaped Cleaning brush Chalk Gorgeous table. Local pick-up only. Come by to see!

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We recommend you hire pool table movers. Unless you are experienced at moving them. Great condition.Skip to main content.

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amf pool table home

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amf pool table home

Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon. Ozone Billiards. CueStix International. Iszy Billiards. Scott Edward. Frustration-Free Packaging. New Used Renewed. Games For Fun. Amazon Warehouse.Used Pool tables and game tables are available everywhere — on eBay, Craigslist, and Local Classifieds. What does it really cost to buy a used pool table?

What are the risks? How can a buyer protect themselves from the unscrupulous seller? Pre-owned pool tables and game tables from Pool Tables Plus provide the beauty and functionality you expect at an excellent cost savings. All used billiard tables and game tables are inspected for expert craftsmanship and top quality materials before being sold to our customers.

When you buy a used pool table or game table from Pool Tables Plus, you are able to start playing as soon as they are delivered and set up. This old pool table is build from solid mahogany wood. A good looker!

Amf Playmaster Pool Table Cost

And a good price! The rubber cushions are in good condition and the slate had a minor crack that has been repaired by our expert technicians. Made from solid mahogany wood it is a unique and eclectic table looking for a good home. We have a number of tops made by PureX, Kettler and Olhausen. They are located in our Green Brook warehouse for pick up and viewing.

It was upgraded with rails made from Afican sedua in a piano finish with genuine mother-of-pearl sights and a 24 k gold name plate by Dwight Porter, a legendary billiard artisan. This table is made from solid maple while the rails are made from African sedua hardwood and finished in a mahogany color. Kasson Billiards was a small family owned company located in upper Minnesota.

They were well known for building some of the best playing and most rugged pool tables on the market.

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The owners passed away and the business ceased to exist around The top rails is made from solid maple and covered in a high pressure laminate. The blinds and legs are made in a matching oak melamine. This table stood the test of time and will last you a lifetime of enjoyment. It is an excellent starter table and will look great with new felt fabric in a color of your choosing.

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This table is located in our Paramus showroom and has been used for the past few years for customers to try out cue sticks that we sell in our showroom. The table is finished in a black ebony color and is in perfect condition with the exception of ball marks and scratches on the top rails.

We are making room for a new model and selling this model for way below wholesale. This is a great value on a first come basis. You can pick up in our Green Brook warehouse or we can ship one to you.

The Fountainebleau cue rack was made by Porter and Sons. This cue rack was painstakingly hand carved by the legendary Dwight Porter and holds 16 full length cue sticks. We are cleaning up our showroom to make room for our new fall collection. This unit was on loan for a weekend charity event.

It is in like new condition. The Tifany model pool table is hand carved from exotic woods. It was distributed by Imperial Billiards and represents a good quality entry level slate pool table.This is one of the heaviest pool tables I have ever moved.

I was recently hired to move this monster pool table for a third time. She had it setup in her garage for her teenage son and his buddies to play on. Her son had been saving his money for years and finally had enough to buy his first car. The new owner of this nine foot AMF pool table was technically homeless. Why might you ask is a homeless person buying a pool table?

Well, he was house hunting and was presented with an opportunity to buy an excellent pool table at a great price. I had stretched the bed cloth for the last time in Westminster. We ended replacing the bed cloth with a new piece of Mali f Cadet Blue. Even though the rail cloth was from a previous refelting it matched the new bed cloth pretty well.

Most people are not looking for nine footers. Or just somebody who likes the retro style. Thanks for your comment.

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I have moved a table like this one from calif to Tn. Hello Vern, do you still have the broken pieces? If your pool table slate is broken into two or three large pieces you can have a billiard mechanic just epoxy the broken pieces back together. If the slate is totally shattered you can probably find a pool table dealer who has some spare pieces of slate that he saved that would act as a replacement to your destroyed piece. As long as the pieces of slate are the same size and approximate thickness any manufacturers slate would probably work.

You will most likely have to drill new holes into the new piece of slate so all the railbolts will align with the holes in your rails. You may also have to drill new holes for the slate mounting screws. If you use the right type of drill bits this job is not too hard. Best regards, Dave.Over the years we have worked on every brand and style of pool table out there. As with any product, some tables are better than others.

Pool Table Product Reviews

Below you will find our reviews of several popular pool table brands. These are honest reviews regarding the quality and construction of particular tables. Yes, post the first draft of these reviews we have picked up some new pool table lines. These reviews are not because of the lines we carry. The lines we carry are more a product of these reviews.

Either by us approaching the companies or by the companies approaching us. So remember, these are unbiased reviews. Not reviews written by a person or company that sells a particular brand or works for a particular online seller as an installer. These reviews are written by someone who is in this business, actually setting these tables up every day, not a consumer who is looking at a table in their living room.

amf pool table home

So enjoy the reviews and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to work with you wherever you may be in the US to help you find the table you are looking for new or used. Pricing in the reviews is reflective of the New England market. Prices will vary in different parts of the US. All pricing includes basic accessories. Current used market pricing may skew slightly higher. A brief word regarding our tiered system: Although there are 4 tiers of tables listed here it is important to note that all are of some level of quality and worth consideration for purchase new if available or used.

Within any particular tier there will be tables that are the top of the class, not all in the same tier are created equal.

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For American Heirloom see Gandy. Schmidt has been in the pool table business since Always making top quality pieces. Most Schmidt tables are solid body construction with the ability to knock down if needed. The bodies are typically built as oversize bodies so the slate bolts directly to the body and not an added top frame. Wood, rubber, hardware and slate are all of the highest quality and their products are still made in the USA. Schmidt offers custom work as well as their standard line of tables.

Their offerings of wood varieties, stains and options are second to none and they will work very hard to make sure your table gets the custom touches that you are looking for. We rate A.Pool is a traditional game that has been in use for generations upon generations, used as a recreational sports and a professional sport it's a great game for the entire family.

Billiard games have simple rules that are easy to understand if you have taken the time to understand them. Billiard pool games go like this: You break the balls from their triangle form.

You both take turns hitting balls until you put one in a pocket, if you sink a stripped ball you are stripes from then on. If you hit in a solid, you're solids for the remainder of the game. You then spend the rest of your game trying to get your balls in, aside from the 8 ball which you save for very last. Whomever gets their balls into the pockets the quickest is the winner.

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Pool is a common billiard game that is a favorite among many individuals including entire families and professionals. Start learning how to play today! Billiards and games, Tables, and Lights Pool is a traditional game that has been in use for generations upon generations, used as a recreational sports and a professional sport it's a great game for the entire family.SoccerBetting)submitted 5 days ago by dondostuff102 commentssharesavehidereport23Daily Picks Thread - Tue.

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Nine Foot AMF Patio Pool Table

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